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Nuffield Health Recruits Nutritional Therapists for 20 of their Top UK Sites

Nuffield Health has just recruited 20 Nutritional Therapists to work in a clinical setting alongside other healthcare providers supporting the delivery of Nuffield Health’s unique wellbeing membership packages, and helping manage a range of health conditions. Nutritional Therapists will also be offering expert-led nutritional touch points, in line with Nuffield’s excellent service standards and clinical guidelines. The roles have an important education component, with both Nuffield’s members and employees in mind. Roles range from 1 to 3 days a week at different sites, on a self-employed basis.

Nuffield Health is a private non-for profit integrative healthcare provider, serving up to two thirds of the UK population at over 200 locations – including hospitals, health and fitness clubs, health assessment centres and client workplaces. Their mission is to provide safe, affordable and accessible healthcare.

BANT believes this is a step forward in the recognition and integration of our profession, and one that will set the precedent with other private healthcare providers. We note that BANT membership and CNHC registration were mandatory requirements for applicants. We would like to think that the commitment to raise and support standards of excellence in the nutritional therapy profession will have had some influence in Nuffield’s decision to demand these professional credentials, and would encourage all nutritional therapists to become members of BANT and register with the CNHC so that more health providers will begin to recognise the profession is committed to voluntary self-regulation and maintaining standards of excellence in all aspects of professional practice.

BANT would like to congratulate all 20 BANT members for their achievement and wish them all the very best in their new jobs.


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