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BANT Members Celebrate Research Success

Two BANT members have been published in an international obesity journal.

Marina Mastrostefano and Nicola M Pearson’s research projects on obesity and night eating syndrome and obesity and fertility have been published in Obesity Facts: The European Journal of Obesity.

Marina and Nicola presented their research at the European Congress of Obesity last month. Their studies investigated complex networks to understand mechanisms between obesity and night eating syndrome, and obesity and male fertility, respectively. Abstracts of their work have been published in Obesity Facts. 2013:6:1:1-246


Night Eating Syndrome (NES) is a distinct disorder precipitated by stress and manifested by a delayed circadian rhythm. Marina’s work describes the potential link between NES and obesity, focusing on the alteration of circadian rhythms.

Nicola’s work investigated evidenced mechanisms between obesity and male fertility focusing on hormones and the hypogonadal obesity cycle, oxidative stress and inflammation, and environmental toxins.

The research projects were undertaken as part of their BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy and BSc (Hons) Nutritional Science course at the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM), Wokingham, under the supervision of Dr James Neil.



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Nutritional Therapy in the British Medical Journal Open

In November 2012, the work of nutritional therapists at the Optimum Health Clinic (,  a private clinic in London specialising in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME was recognised in the British Medical Journal Open in an observational study looking at both nutritional and psychological interventions for the illness. The patients in the nutrition-only treatment group were found to have a statistically significant improvement in self-reported CFS/ME symptoms. The full study can be viewed here:

We believe this kind of work from The Optimum Health Clinic represents a call to action for our profession for more research, and is proof that human trials can be done. We support and greatly encourage more such research trials as a way to continue to legitimise the profession and embrace evidence based medicine in clinical practice.

We congratulate CEO Alex Howard and Director of Research Dr Megan Arroll and the entire team at the Optimum Health Clinic for all their commitment and hard work, and look forward to reporting on the next stages of their research.

For further information and discussion about the findings in the research paper see

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