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BANT Launches Diet For Life Campaign


Healthy eating is for life not just after Christmas

London, 17th December 2013: Leading British nutrition experts have unveiled the Top 10 Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss – allowing us to shed the pounds for life, not just for January.

If weight loss is usually one of your New Year’s resolutions only to fall by the wayside come the second week of January then with some expert help from the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) this year can be different – meaning you can lose weight, keep it off and be healthy all year round.

“Healthy eating isn’t something we should be doing for a couple of weeks in January out of guilt to try to purge ourselves of the festive excess,” says Miguel Toribio-Mateas, Chairman of BANT.

“Healthy eating should be for life and you don’t need a faddy or starvation-style diet in order to achieve your weight loss goals. BANT represents nutritional therapists around the country who give personalised nutritional health advice and help people achieve their personal weight loss goals. We are today launching our Diet for Life campaign and we have some great tips and advice for those who want to get healthy for 2014. ”

By following some simple rules you can achieve and sustain a healthy weight for the long-term and have the energy to enjoy life to the full. Here are BANT’s Top 10 Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss:

1. Eat protein with every meal and snack: protein is essential for the body to grow and repair, it also keeps you feeling fuller for longer keeping hunger pangs at bay – leaving you less tempted to snack. Choose protein-rich fish, chicken and lean meats or beans, pulses and nuts with your meals and snacks.

2. Don’t skip meals: the body needs a regular supply of fuel, if you skip meals it sends your blood sugar and energy plummeting leaving you tired, hungry and tempted by sugary snacks or caffeine to re-energise.

3. Switch white foods to brown: white pasta, white rice and white bread provide very few nutrients and are quickly broken down in the body to sugar, this will leave you hungry and craving sugar as a pick-me-up.

4. Reduce stimulants: ideally don’t drink coffee or black tea, but if you do keep it to one cup a day and have it on a full stomach. Stimulants like tea, coffee and cola consumed for an energy boost actually have the opposite effect. They give you an energy rush, followed by a corresponding dip, leaving you lacking energy and looking for your next caffeine ‘fix’. Choose water, herbal tea and the occasional diluted fresh fruit juice as healthier options.

5. Deal with stress: it wreaks havoc with hormones slowing down your metabolism and making the body store more fat – especially around the middle. Did you know that stress has the same impact on your body as eating sugar? Stress causes cravings for the wrong foods, particularly salty, high fat and sugary snacks. Try to relax when you eat, chew your food and focus on what you are eating rather than reading, watching TV or using the computer.

6. Eat five or six times a day: have three healthy meals and two or three healthy snacks a day, this will give you sustained nutrients and energy for the day and keep hunger pangs at bay. Choose unprocessed, low sugar snacks such as a handful of unsalted nuts, hummus with carrot and celery sticks or oat cakes.

7. Don’t be afraid of fat: there are good fats and bad fats. Good fats are essential for the body to function well and support the weight loss process e.g. fat from oily fish, avocados or unsalted nuts. Bad fats on the other hand should be avoided, especially trans fats found in many biscuits and cakes and other baked goods with a long shelf life.

8. Sleep: when we are tired we eat more and reach for instant energy fixes from caffeine, sugar and fat. Try to get to bed early or deal with sleep problems should you have any. A good night’s sleep is really important for overall health as well as weight loss.

9. Stop calorie counting: listen to your body rather than count the calories, eat slowly and stop eating when you stop feeling hungry, keep portion sizes under control – meals shouldn’t be larger than your cupped hands put together. Your stomach is only around the size of your fist!

10. Exercise: this is important for overall health, energy and mood as well as a support to maintaining a healthy weight. Start slowly with a brisk walk in the park, take the stairs instead of the lift or get off the bus a few stops earlier than normal and walk the rest of the way.

GP Anita Nathan, who has a special interest in nutrition and obesity, said: “We all know that overweight and obesity is a huge problem in today’s society and being at the frontline of the nation’s healthcare system as GPs, we see the impact that this is having on people’s health.

“By making some simple changes to their diet, keeping well hydrated and getting personalised support from the likes of a nutritional therapist, many of our patients may avoid debilitating symptoms and manage their weight better, and in the future the medical consequences of poor quality diet and obesity.

“The concept of Diet for Life is certainly one that I would welcome. If adhered to, this way of life could help to reduce GP consultations that are simply for healthy lifestyle discussions so we can concentrate on the burden of diseases we need to treat today,” she added.

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Notes to editors:

About BANT

BANT is the professional association for nutritional therapy practitioners and those working in the wider application of nutritional science. It promotes high standards of education, training, practice and integrity in the nutrition profession.

BANT has access to more than 2,000 nutritional therapists across the country, so we can always provide expert comment for the media on nutrition-related matters.

Nutritional therapists are trained to help clients to make dietary changes which promote good health and wellbeing, in developing nutrition plans, recipes and shopping ideas, functional and genetic testing, recommending supplements, and overall lifestyle management.



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BANT Welcomes Quality Stamp of Approval for CNHC

BANT welcomes news of professional standards accreditation for the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) this week.

CNHC has been approved as an Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA).

Patients, service users and the public will be able to have greater confidence in choosing a complementary therapist from the CNHC register.

BANT Chair Miguel Toribio-Mateas said the implications for BANT members of this news were huge.

“One of BANT’s key focuses is to ensure our profession is viewed as a credible and trusted healthcare option. This form of recognition for our regulator from a government body is a huge step for Nutritional Therapy.

“BANT made the decision that all full BANT members will need to be CNHC registered from 2014.. The reputation and the quality of standards delivered in our profession should be second to none. This latest news really cements this decision and takes us a step further to our ultimate goal of Nutritional Therapy being recognised as a mainstream, credible healthcare option,” he added.

CNHC’s chair, John Lant, said: “Today marks the next step for CNHC as the voluntary regulator for complementary therapists. I’m delighted that CNHC has met the Professional Standards Authority’s rigorous standards, and practitioners on the CNHC’s register can now use the new CNHC Accredited Voluntary Register quality mark. This reinforces the confidence that the public, employers and healthcare commissioners can have in choosing CNHC registered practitioners.”

Harry Cayton, Chief Executive of the Professional Standards Authority said:

“We are pleased to accredit with conditions the CNHC’s register of practitioners. Bringing complementary health practitioners into a broad framework of assurance is good for patients, service users and the public and is the best way to promote quality. The scheme supports choice and offers enhanced consumer protection to anyone looking for health and social care services, and gives complementary health practitioners the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment.”

The Accreditation by the Authority has been awarded with two conditions. First, CNHC is required to publish a simplified complaints procedure and second, it must deal satisfactorily with all outstanding complaints. The CNHC has until 31st October 2013 to meet these conditions. Margaret Coats, CNHC’s Chief Exec confirmed: “I’m pleased to say we’ve already completed the work required to meet these conditions and have submitted it to PSA.”


Notes to Editors

Complementary health practitioners on the CNHC’s register will be able to display the Accredited Voluntary Register quality mark, a sign that they are on a register that meets the Authority’s robust standards.

The Authority has not assessed the merits of individuals on the register. This remains the responsibility of the CNHC. The Authority has not endorsed a particular treatment or therapy; people will need to consider the information provided and decide if it is suitable for them. Accreditation means that the CNHC’s register meets the Authority’s high standards in governance, standard-setting, education and training, management, complaints and information.

Further information on the accredited voluntary register scheme is available at

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The Allergy & Free From Show North 2013 Attend for FREE, Thanks to BANT!

The Allergy & Free From Shows are Europe’s largest events dedicated to anyone living with an allergy, food intolerance, coeliac disease, anaphylaxis, IBS, eczema, asthma and related conditions, as well as the people, like you, that help them.

The first ever Allergy & Free From Show North took place last October and was such a hit that we’re bringing it back to Liverpool’s BT Convention Centre on 26-27 October 2013. This time there will be even more for visitors to see, try, taste, learn and enjoy!

The show will deliver a vast array of strong nutritional and dietary content, across a range of interactive platforms; a place where visitors can discover the latest professional advice, treatment innovations and food producers that cater for varying ‘free from’ dietary needs.

Attendance will cost you absolutely nothing, courtesy of BANT, who are partners of the show. To generate unlimited free tickets – Click Here

Dietary and nutritionally focused public content includes:

–       Leading free from food exhibitors, showcasing their produce within the ‘Food Zone’

–       Seminars from top professors, Consultant Allergists, nurses and Dietitians

–       Free from cooking classes in The Sainsbury’s Kitchen

–       Sainsbury’s Recipe exchange, where visitors can share their favourite culinary creations

Key Details

Event                 The Allergy & Free From Show North 2013
Date                    26 – 27 October 2013
Venue                 BT Convention Centre, Liverpool, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 4FP
Free tickets      Click Here


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BANT Members Get Discounted Tickets for camexpo 2013

Camexpo goes live next week and BANT members can snap up discounted tickets until the 4th October. Take a look at September’s BANT News to find out how.

With the use of complementary medicines and therapies continuing to grow in the UK, camexpo is an essential visit for health and beauty buyers, practitioners, therapists, CAM students, and health store retailers, looking to keep up with the latest product innovations and trends.

Returning for its 11th edition next month on 5-6 October, at London’s Earls Court, with over 200 exhibiting brands – including many of the UK’s biggest CAM manufacturers, suppliers and training providers – the following is just a taste of what visitors and press representatives can expect to see at this year’s camexpo.

 VMS, Nutrition & Natural Health

BioCare Limited has launched a new and improved range of supplements designed to provide support for both men and women throughout every step of life.  Visit stand 1416 to discuss the new formulas with the Clinical Nutrition team and find out more about their new educational materials.

Pulsin’ Ltd (stand 2232) is launching a fantastic new vegan protein bar called Vanilla Choc Chip.  This 50g bar provides 12g of protein and has the lowest natural sugar content in the Pulsin’ bar range.  Pulsin’ are also launching two exciting additions to its beond organic bar range – a Blueberry bar and Apple & Cinnamon bar – to stand alongside its existing, award-winning flavours Raw Choc bar and Acai berry bar.

Look after your joints and heart with Solgar Vitamin & Herb’s new products – Solgar 7 and Folate – on stand 1616.  Winner of Best New VMS Product at the Natural and Organic Awards in April, Solgar 7 reduces inflammation, helping to keep joints mobile.  It contains anti-oxidants that help you stay active without strain in one easy-to-swallow vegetable capsule.  Folate, the ‘body-ready’ form of folic acid, is key to overall health, especially our heart and blood.  Searching for ways to include folic acid in our lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, so let Solgar make it easy!

An oil found in New Zealand mussels could free millions of osteoarthritis sufferers from the constant, sometimes crippling pain of their condition, according to new scientific research.  The oil, called PCSO-524, reduced arthritis-related pain by 89%.  The oil is the active ingredient in Lyprinol, which is making its camexpo debut on stand 1223.

Lepicol (Protexin) is offering camexpo visitors the unique chance to own a piece of decorative toilet seat art and donate money to charity in the process. Visit stand 2215 to view the ornate toilet seats that will be sold for £60 each at the show, with the proceeds being split between two charities – Toilet Twinning and Events for Namuwongo.

We have been exhibiting at camexpo for over ten years now and think it’s a brilliant show.  Footfall is high and the quality of conversations with practitioners makes camexpo one of our favourite exhibitions of the year,” says Lauren Lemmer from Lepicol and Bio-Kult.

Bio-Kult (Protexin) is sponsoring the ‘Autoimmune Disease in Children and Adults’ Keynote seminar hosted by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, on Saturday 5 October at 12:40pm.  Visit the Bio-Kult team on stand 1915 after the session to pick up their new autoimmunity factsheet and meet Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, who will be signing books and answering questions.

In response to requests from consumers for allergen free milk alternatives in convenient 250ml portions, Koko Dairy Free (stand 2228) has launched Strawberry ‘milk’ and Chocolate ‘milk’ drinks in 3x 250ml size for 2013.  The products contain real cocoa powder and strawberry juice for full and natural flavours.

Slendier Organic Konjac Pasta (stand 1414) will be offering camexpo visitors their first opportunity to try the much talked about Slendier range for themselves.  With 95% fewer calories than traditional pasta, not only is it gluten and fat free but there’s a host of other health benefits to boot.

Cisca Saltpipe (stand 2332) is drug free and easy to use.  This Hungarian porcelain salt inhaler is designed to relieve sinus, hayfever, allergies and reduce breathlessness from asthma, COPD, and emphysema etc.  There’s no need to refill as it comes with mineral salt lasting for five years.  Used daily, it restores respiratory effectiveness and improves breathing.

English Wildflower Essences (stand 2734) has just launched its new Wildflower Oracle set.  It includes 28 handmade, individual English Wildflower essences, with accompanying flower cards for readings, a customised wooden box, carrier bottles, and labels for personal blends.  The guide book provided explains all you need to know about how to use the Wildflower Oracle.

Amber Ointment (stand IZ-E in the Innovation Zone) is now available for the first time in the UK.  A natural healthcare product from Poland, it contains Baltic Amber, which has been used for centeries in Polish medicinal tradition.  Organic compounds found in Baltic Amber have warming abilities, helping to loosen up muscles around the joints.

US-based Premier Research Labs, from Austin, Texas, is known internationally as the pre-eminent manufacturer of premier quality nutraceutical formulations and superfood concentrates; such as Max B, and its award winning liquid B vitamin complex.  They’ll be launching a new EU range of products on stand 1432 at this year’s camexpo.  Premier Research Labs will be hosting a Demo Theatre session on Saturday 5 October at 12.30pm.

We’re hugely excited to have the opportunity to begin the launch of our key products especially adapted for the European market at this year’s camexpo,” says Robert J Marshall – founder of Premier Research Labs, who’ll also be giving a Keynote on ‘Firing up energy systems in the body’ in Theatre 1 at 10.30am on Saturday 5 October.

New exhibitor Gematria will introduce StemPulse, a revolutionary new supplement featuring a powerful antioxidant-rich formula that enhances the production and mobilisation of stem cells.  StemPulse strengthens the regenerative capacity of all body cells, promoting longevity.  Want more energy, stronger joints and increased mental clarity?  Rejuvenate your body and mind by visiting stand 2434.

Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd (stand IZ-H in the Innovation Zone) will be showing camexpo visitors how their innovative products, IntestAid IB and NuCell IM, are putting nucleotides back on the menu.  They will be exhibiting the products’ new EU health claims compliant packaging and their educational brochure ‘Putting you completely in the picture about Nucleotides’.

Really Healthy Ltd (stand 2331) specialises in the functional approach to therapeutic nutritional solutions.  These include immunomodulators, potent detoxifiers, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and phytonutrients.  Highlights for 2013 include Biobran – the most effective immunomodulator available; AlphaProst and Flowease to help maintain prostate and bladder health in males and females; and Premier Research Lab’s range of products.

Leading natural vitamin nutritional supplement brand Nature’s Plus UK (stand 1631) launches AgeLoss!  The AgeLoss Rejuvabolic Anti-Ageing System is a scientifically calibrated array of antioxidants that address all five major classes of free radicals.  They’ll also be showcasing their Skinny Mini 48hr Juice programme, designed to leave you feeling slimmer in just a few days.

Rio Trading Company Health Ltd is now the UK distributor for Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, starting with their best-selling Liv.52 (Livercare), Cystone, and the popular Neem and Pomegranate Toothpaste.  They will also be sampling Green Magma, Magma Plus, and a wide range of Rio Amazon herbal teas on stand 2121.  Rio Trading Company Health will be hosting a Demo Theatre session on Saturday 5 October at 2.30pm.

San Omega (stand 2733) presents an innovative method to measure and analyse fatty acids.  Their ‘self-test’ measures 26 fatty acids, including ratios such as omega-3 index, omega-6/3 ratio and trans-fat level.  The measurement method is certified according to the strict quality management system DINISO15189 and supported by over 100 scientific publications.

Rubbeez (stand 2725) is a new, innovative and trusted massage cream released to the health professional market in September 2010.  Rubbeez is 100% natural and made in New Zealand.  It’s success as a massage medium for patient treatment is now ready for release onto the consumer market.

Songbird Naturals will be introducing its entire range in a 20g size on stand 2225.  In addition to their existing waxes and balms, they’ll also be showcasing new Zest Massage Wax and Reflexology Wax.

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences (CNS) announces the launch of Coeliac Screen™ – a new rapid point-of-care test to detect the key autoantibodies associated with Coeliac Disease (stand 2115).  Using just a finger-prick blood sample, results can be obtained in ten minutes, enabling practitioners to give immediate advice to clients.

Gut Dysbiosis is a significant problem across society, especially for sufferers of ME, MS, Autism and other chronic conditions.  With their imbalanced stomach and/or bowel, they will never be able to absorb essential nutrients.

KiB Healthcare’s KiB500 is a natural way to a balanced gut, leading to fast improvements in medical and mental functions (stand 2423a).

Water for Health will be exhibiting their innovative range of products focused on improving body acid/alkaline balance through superior hydration and nutrition on stand 1423.  Their range includes Biocera alkaline water products; Omega Nutrition’s organic oils; and Vibrant Health’s ‘greens’ (such as the award-winning Green Vibrance Powder and dense superfood Maximum Vibrance).

Some scientists argue the oldest human ever to live has already been born.  Sedentary behaviours, stress and dietary shifts will cause most of us to fail to meet anything like our genetic potential.  Popular camexpo speaker Rob Verkerk PhD, founder of the Alliance for Natural Health International (stand 1632), will explain how and why specific ways of exercising, eating, resting and thinking can help you defy statistical averages and stay healthy and fit much longer than most think possible (Keynote Theatre 2 at 12.40pm on Saturday 5 October.

G&G Vitamin Centre will launch their unique, green food formula – Organic EssentialFood with Organic B vitamins at this year’s camexpo; available for tasting on stand 1823.  Add to a morning juice or smoothie for an energy-packed organic green food formula, with organic B vitamins and only 69 calories per serving!

From the makers of Vital Greens comes Vital Kids, a formula just for kids!  They’ve taken out the ‘best for oldies’ ingredients and added in lots of goodies for kids.  Vital Kids (stand 2531) is an all-in-one daily multinutrient containing 56 vital ingredients to provide nutritional support during those crucial growth spurts.

Indigo Herbs is an online apothecary with 450 natural products for health and wellbeing.  In response to their customers asking for advice on their health, they have created a new online CAM practitioner directory.  Sign up at camexpo on stand 2623, and benefit from free advertising and a 12.5% discount on all products.

CherryActive produce a range of products chosen by health-conscious and active consumers, serious about maintaining good health and optimising their fitness training.  Ongoing research suggests these products may help support healthy joints and muscles, normal uric acid levels and restorative sleep patterns.  Visit stand 2312 to sample CherryActive and new products BeetActive and BlueberryActive.

Global By Nature is fast approaching its first birthday as the distribution and wholesaling parent company of Xynergy Health Products.  At this year’s camexpo they’ll be showcasing plant-based protein powders from Sunwarrior; the Synergy Natural organic range of spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barleygrass; and the Pure Synergy range of raw natural products.  Plus, some surprise new products from the Mitchell May.  Stand 2135 will also feature Comvita, creators of the amazing Olive Leaf Complex and Propolis range of products.  Global By Nature will be hosting a Demo Theatre session at 4pm on Saturday 5 October.

With practitioners in mind, Hadley Wood Healthcare (stand 2415) has expanded its range of patient-orientated supplements formulated to include effective levels of key nutrients.  Where possible, all products receive Vegetarian Society approval and contain high quality branded ingredients that offer enhanced purity and reassurance.  The latest formulas include Calci-D-min, Veggie-D3, Organic Red Yeast Rice, and Natural Egg Shell Membrane to name just a few.

Specialist independent supplement manufacturer Igennus Healthcare Nutrition will be showcasing its recently launched synergistic co-therapy supplements VESIsorb Ubiquinol-QH; Homocysteine Control; and Neurobalance.  Visit stand 1831 to find out more about its training and CPD-accredited webinar opportunities.

New exhibitor LOREM (stand 1522) will be showcasing 100% natural emu oil products that are blended with essential oils.  A natural anti-inflamatory, it penetrates the stratum corneum barrier of the skin (which carriers the essential oils deeper into the body tissues), and can be used to assist with the symptoms of arthritis, back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, and skin conditions; such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and scars.

A.Vogel herbal remedies (stand 2311) will be showcasing three products at this year’s camexpo:  Menosan Menopause Support, a unique formulation of isoflavones from fermented soy, magnesium and hibiscus to help women through all stages of the menopause; Sinuforce Nasal Spray for blocked or congested noses; and Eye Drops for the relief of dry, irritated or tired eyes. (stand 2517) will be presenting the range of Soothing Touch massage products.  Soothing Touch has worked with massage therapists for the past 30 years to create the highest quality professional massage products available.  The Soothing Touch range is petroleum and paraben free and uses ancient Ayurvedic blends of powerful essential oils.

Body care & Beauty

New exhibitor Weleda (stand 2537), the world’s largest manufacturer of certified natural Anthroposophical medicine and beauty products, will launch their new range of homeopathic medicines at camexpo.  Registered under the new HR rules, the comprehensive range of indicated oral sprays have taken five years in development and are manufactured in the UK to biodynamic standards.

New to camexpo – Age Defy+ from Green People (stand 1816).  Age Defy+ combines the miracle of nature with the brilliance of science for optimum skin regeneration, moisture balance and deep hydration. This unique skincare regime of six certified organic facial and two body care products for women aged 35+ is rich in powerful youth boosting botanicals and scientifically tested plant actives to promote collagen synthesis, target uneven pigmentation and diminish wrinkles.

Mahi Naturals Ltd (stand 1834) will be showcasing and sampling new products from Hope’s Relief Australia’s No.1 natural dry skin range – including a Goats Milk Body Wash, Soap and Hydrating Body Lotion – plus new additions to the U Little Beauty skincare range; like its new, all-natural luxurious self tan!

Aduna (stand 1923) is an Africa-inspired health and beauty brand.  Its range of products features the baobab fruit, a natural multi-vitamin that helps support energy metabolism and the immune system.  Baobab is a 100% organic, nutrient-dense whole food, rich in fibre and high in antioxidants.

Essence of Morocco Ltd (stand 2432) are award-winning UK specialists in organic, natural and authentic Moroccan Argan Oil and Hammam/Spa products; inspired by ancestral beauty secrets and rituals.  At this year’s camexpo, they’ll be exclusively launching a new organic prickly pear seed oil – the ultimate in anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle serums, and a new range of natural hammam/spa products.

camexpo is a great opportunity for us to meet with the professional therapist and practitioner community, and we’re looking forward to introducing our exclusive, and authentic, range of natural organic Moroccan skincare/hair care and Hammam spa products to our customers,” says Yasmine Dlia-Alaoui, director of Essence of Morocco; whose organic Moroccan Rose Nourishing Argan Oil was named a finalist in the ‘Best New Natural Beauty & Spa Product’ at the Natural and Organic Awards 2013.

Eterno Naturals (stand 4071) are inviting camexpo visitors to discover their inner beauty with a free* MyChelle skin analysis session (*T&Cs apply); a make-over with Studio 78 Paris organic make-up; and the latest Ambiance anti-ageing dry hair shampoo, which instantly refreshes and tints hair (available in 5 colours).  Plus, there’s also the amazing Konjac Sponge beauty secret!  Best of all, there’s 25% off the RRP on all these and more.  All products are 100% natural and, wherever possible, organic.

New Seasons Natural Products (stand IZ-A in the Innovation Zone) will be launching an exciting dispersing spa range.  These body and bath oils are made entirely of rich carrier and plant based oils, fragranced with 100% pure essential oils.  They are available in three fragrances – Lavender & Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Mandarin, and Lemongrass & Marjoram.

Holistic Essentials is Ayurveda Pura London‘s range of organic-certified cosmetics (stand 2315).  It includes a natural organic range of luxurious eye gels, which harness the power of nature to bring relief and revitalised elasticity to tired and puffy eyes.  The bestselling range comes now in a handbag-sized roll-on bottle for easy application.

Therapi Honey Skincare’s highly effective organic skincare uses therapeutic honey, age-defying propolis and bioactive plant extracts.  Honey is Nature’s liquid gold, a precious elixir containing the nutritious nectar and therapeutic essences of a thousand flowers in just a single drop.  Up to 99% of ingredients are certified organic by the Soil Association.  The Rose Otto range includes Honey Gel Cleanser; Hydrating Facial Toner; Honey Moisturiser; and Ultra Radiance Cream (stand IZ-B in the Innovation Zone).

Vulsini, the British company that introduced the pioneering hot stones in a bag – Vulsini I, and the innovative heated bamboo in a bag – Vulsini Bamboo, now launches Vulsini Mini (stand 1737).  A new compact hot stones bag – ideal for spa therapists on the move – designed specifically for luxury manicures, pedicures and facials.  They will also be showcasing their training courses for hot stones and warm bamboo massage amongst others, available at the London School of Complementary Health.

New to camexpo, Tropic Skincare and Makeup is launching its affordable, 100% pure plant derived, vegan, fair trade, cruelty free range!  Backed by Lord Alan Sugar, and handmade in the UK by Susan Ma and her team, these effective and affordable products have hit the natural and organic industry by storm, already winning Natural Health Magazine’s Best Moisturiser Award.  Visit stand 2536 to find out how to get involved as an Ambassador and earn some extra income for your practice.

Clinical Supplies

Ovantis Ltd – UK Sole Distributor of Physiospect NLS Bio-resonance devices (stand 2338), will be unveiling the new Introscan Quantum Physiotherapy device.  Combined with the Physiospect-23, the very latest in NLS bio-resonance systems, these products provide the ultimate complete package of fast, non-invasive, accurate diagnosis and effective therapy.

BackJoy Europe BV’s patented sitting solution BackJoy Posture+ is unique in the way it mechanically signals the body to Sit Better™.  By supporting the glute muscles and tilting the pelvis forward BackJoy relieves pressure on the tailbone and spine (stand 2524).

Therapy Essentials, the home of the UK’s market leading Affinity brand of therapy equipment, have put together a selection of generous and exciting ‘show only’ offers on some Affinity favourites for this year’s camexpo!  Better still, one lucky visitor to stand 1611 will win an Affinity Comfortflex – the ultimate portable spa table!

Medica Health International Ltd (stand 1425) present Theragem.  Imagine a simple to use, non-invasive therapy system that worked with natural rhythms of the human body lovingly, working in real-time, creating deep lasting change in how we think and behave, gently boosting the body’s immune system balancing and cleansing the orbiting fields around the whole body.

Fusing the most advanced principles of physics with state-of-the-art technology, Orassy Ultimate Health’s Orassy Quantum Spa offers you unprecedented insight into your life state through Quantum Integrative Medicine.  Their pioneering process is a world first, which harnesses a complex of devices backed by a dedicated team of experts to help you rapidly attain Ultimate Health (stand 1732).

Education & Training

Life Practice UK Ltd & The CAM Coach, Mark Shields, are back at camexpo for 2013 (stand 1921).  Since its launch last year, The CAM Coach book has gone global.  Dubbed as the ‘CAM practitioners business bible’, it’s a motivational, and inspirational, must-read for running a successful practice.  Mark Shield’s Keynote at 10.30am on Sunday 6 October in Theatre 1 will offer further insights from the book.

Expectancy has some exciting new developments to announce for 2013.  They’ve re-designed their logo, plus revised their website to make it even more accessible – both for professionals seeking courses and for mums-to-be looking to find maternity therapists.  Visit stand 1412 to find out about new CPD courses.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2014, Myofascial Release UK (MFR UK) has launched a new Clinical Advanced Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (stand 1725).  The first of its kind in the UK – bringing all aspects of myofascial treatment into one diploma – it offers therapists the opportunity to learn new skills, enhance others and develop their soft tissue practice.  The MFR UK will be presenting workshops and lectures at this year’s camexpo offering a snippet of this great diploma to attendees.

I.M.U. College UK – Bioresonance Training is an international, and independent, training institution for bioenergetic holistic medicine, based on the naturopathic paradigm of body, mind and soul.  The college offers professional training for UK therapists and will be offering special show only reductions on its autumn seminars from stand 2216.

Learn Buteyko (stand 2715) introduces its online training for The Classical Buteyko Method by international expert Christopher Drake.  This extraordinary, well-documented training reverses 200 chronic symptoms – including asthma, anxiety, allergies, ADHD, depression, emphysema, migraine, insomnia, fatigue, diabetes, hormonal and cardio-vascular problems – improves health, and reduces requirements for medications.

Psychophonetics enables people to listen deeply to their own body and soul, engaging their individual spirit in the process of self-healing and deeper consciousness.  At this year’s camexpo, Persephone College of Psychophonetics (stand 2526) will be showcasing the benefits of its new UK Psychophonetics training course for personal development, psychosophy and psychotherapy, which starts in November 2013.

The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training presents The Grief Recovery Method, which has been established in the US for over 35 years.  Now available in the UK, visit stand IZ-D in the Innovation Zone at camexpo to discover how it can offer a genuine alternative to counselling and give grievers the tools that they need to recover from significant emotional loss. is a powerful massage, which brings together various bodywork techniques to address common complaints; such as lower back pain, bloating, constipation, painful/irregular periods, fertility issues and emotional trauma.  It works by bringing the organs within the abdominal area back into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments.  This in turn will improve blood, nerve and lymph flow.  Enjoy a taster session and learn about their new courses on stand 2234.

The JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training (stand 2313) is a revolutionary postgraduate training organisation providing master CPD courses and ground-breaking qualifications.  This year, it’ll be offering a new qualification to UK therapists, the BTEC level 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage accredited by Edexcel.  For the first time giving UK therapists the opportunity to train to degree level, JING has achieved great strides for the massage world.


How can practitioners demonstrate credibility?  What makes the professionals stand out from the crowd?  88% of those questioned in a recent poll said that they would look for CNHC registration when choosing CAM therapists.  Find out why with The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) on stand 2337 at this year’s camexpo.  The CNHC will also be hosting a Regulation update in Keynote Theatre 2 on Saturday 5 October at 1.45pm.

BANT – British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. BANT is the professional body for Nutritional Therapists. Its primary function is to assist its members in attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice, in order to protect the client’s interests, nutritional therapy and the Nutritional Therapist. BANT offers a wide range of benefits to student and full members and has its finger on the pulse for any changes or new developments within this dynamic profession.

The National Counselling Society‘s voluntary register was accredited by the Professional Standards Authority under its Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) scheme in May 2013.  The scheme aims to provide assurance on the standards of voluntary registers, and is the best way to promote quality within the field of Counselling (stand 1835).

Federation of Holistic Therapists (stand 2131) is the largest professional association for complementary therapists in the UK.  It has launched its new Register for Complementary Therapists, which is undergoing accreditation by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).  Visit stand 2131 to discuss what this could mean to you, and to learn about other great member benefits, like its improved FHT Member Directory.

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Stop Selling Sickness in Hospitals

Nutrition experts today backed a leading doctor’s call to ‘stop selling sickness in hospital grounds’ and ban junk food for patients.

BANT, the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, said Aseem Malhotra’s report in the British Medical Journal should be taken seriously at the highest level of the NHS and Government.

In his report, Mr Malhotra, an interventional cardiology specialist registrar at the Royal Free Hospital in London, said he was appalled to see patients gorging on junk food that they had bought within the hospital grounds. He called for NHS chiefs to look in their own back yard for answers to the obesity crisis.

BANT Chair Miguel Toribio-Mateas said: “If people are presented with crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks as food options, it is going to be hard for them to say no, particularly if that is what they are used to eating.

“The mission of all hospitals and their staff should be to promote good health and wellbeing to get their patients back to health as quickly as possible.

“Ultimately staff should be given support from the likes of nutritional therapists who can help educate patients on the potential impact of their food choices on their health. Hospital staff should be given the help they need to prepare those in their care to prevent a relapse and a return to hospital.

“What we eat and drink will have a huge impact on our health in the long term. Nutritional therapists use nutritional science to provide education and support to help disease prevention. Wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to give some of that education to those in desperate need of it in our hospitals?  A wider recognition of how food really impacts our health could ultimately relieve the volume and financial pressure on the NHS.

“I would call on NHS chiefs to take Mr Malhotra’s report very seriously and start these sorts of changes close to home in a bid to slow down the obesity epidemic,” he added.

In his report in the BMJ, Mr Malhotra said: “An oversupply of nutritionally poor and energy dense foods loaded with sugar, salt, and trans fats — fuelled by the junk food industry’s aggressive and irresponsible marketing — has even been allowed to hijack the very institutions that are supposed to set an example: our hospitals.

“On daily ward rounds it is appalling to see patients, some of whom are not fully mobile, gorging on crisps, confectionery, sports drinks, and cola—the very food items that may have contributed to their admission in the first place.

“That these consumables are sold to patients through the portable hospital trolleys reflects a marketing strategy by junk food companies to make their products available and accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. It is obscene that many hospitals continue to have high street fast food franchises on site, as well as corridors littered with vending machines selling junk food. Such practice legitimises the acceptability and consumption of such foods in the daily diet,” the report stated.

For interviews with BANT representative or for further information, please contact Helen Barklam, tel: 07917 148900 or email

Notes to editors

BANT is the professional organisation representing more than 2,000 nutritional therapists across the UK.

Click this link to read the full press release –

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