BANT Makes Continued Professional Development (CPD) Mandatory in 2013

Why is CPD Important?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important for the individual Nutritional Therapist and for the profession as a whole. BANT is working to achieve the recognition the profession deserves. With an ever increasing amount of research being conducted in the field, BANT members can help this process by committing to updating their knowledge on a regular and structured basis, thereby making CPD part of best practice of nutritional therapy.

BANT CPD is now mandatory for all full members, including non- practising members, and all CPD will need to be entered onto the online BANT CPD Logging System. From January 2014 full members will not be able to renew their membership unless they have entered their CPD on the online BANT CPD Logging system.  Members must enter a minimum of 30 hours CPD of which a minimum of 8 of these hours must be Active CPD.

BANT launched its online CPD Logging System in 2011 and this excellent system makes it easy for members to log their CPD hours.


To understand more about how to complete your CPD and why it is now mandatory go to the link here:



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