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Why Nutrition Needs to be Personalised – Evolutionary Biology and Genetic Diversity

Selected videos at the cutting edge of science. Genetic diversity reflects evolutionary pressures from environmental changes, principally climate and diet. These drivers explain why populations and individuals vary and why one-size-fits-all dietary guidelines and public health nutrition approaches derive from out-of-date reductionist science. Nutritional therapy is person-centred, recognising individuality and the complex network of environmental factors which influence health status.

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Systems Approaches to Understanding Circadian Transcriptional Networks

J Craig Venter on Individuality in Caffeine Metabolism

Eric Schadt, 2011 Allen Institute of Brain Science Symposium

Scaling Laws in Biology and Other Complex Systems by Geoffrey H West PhD

Primate Evolution and Human Disease by Ajit Varki MD

Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Robert H Lustig MD

Mitochondrial Paradigm by Douglas Wallace

Inevitable Life by Eric Smith


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